John Bell - Bell's Engines


"The true value of what the unit is doing can be seen here every day with 4
 bulls and 124 dairy bred maiden heifers having access to the water from the
plant and a large dam at the same time.

They queue around the trough for a drink of good water from the system then go paddle, swim and defecate in the dam.

If that's not a recommendation for desalinated water then I don't know what is."

Jim Conroy - Springhurst Vic


Dean Harvey - Baystone Farm


Our company is a poultry farm from the Southern Highlands. We purchased a system from Saltfree Desalination in 2018 and we haven’t had a problem in the world. The unit is capable of twice the production we require, and it would have to be the best investment that we have made.

Chris Holmes


We own several car wash facilities in Melbourne and we first dealt with Saltfree in 2010. We have purchased two desalination systems now from Brian and Carolyn, and we have found their company and equipment to be nothing less than professional.
What stands out for them as well, is their after sales service. Nothing has been a hassle or an issue for them, to deal with”.

Rob Rossi


Saltfree staff have assisted Council with maintenance and there have been no issues with the running of the RO.

The technology is cutting edge, however operation and maintenance is straightforward making time savings in operations for Council’s who are resource poor.

Gillian Marchant


Hi Carolyn and Brian,

Unit is installed and all ok. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Pass on thanks to John and Tom, both gentlemen and professional, installation was hassle free.
We will start doing some serious watering of garden tomorrow!
Kind regards,
David and Jill

David and Jill - Port Augusta SA - 06/03/19


Mark Gubbins - Coorong SA - 2014

In 2014 Saltfree and our company Coolana Angus, joined forces together to allow our properties to become self-sufficient from mains water. We really enjoyed the experience and they were very good to us. In total, we have now purchased three units from Saltfree.

Mark Gubbins