Award Winning Genesis desalination unit (SOLD)

genesis with CIP 16 membranegenesis with CIP 16 membrane

Genesis Desalination Unit

The Genesis desalination unit is our latest model design, and we have called it the “Genesis”, as we consider it to be the next generation in what is generally known as “desalination systems, scaled for domestic to commercial applications”.

This model is able to be manufactured, containing anywhere from 3 - 16 x 4" membranes, suitable for brackish mineralised water.  Should this unit be treating bore water with a salinity level of approx. 2,000 ppm, it would be capable of delivering between 17,000-100,000 litres of potable water over 24 hours, pending on how many membranes are fitted out within the build. 

It is also capable of treating water with salinity readings up to 10,000ppm, should you need to. With any RO unit, your production directly relates to the quality of the water you are treating. The lower the salinity of the water you treat, the better the productivity. Likewise, the higher the salinity, the lower the daily production.

  • This unit will allow remote monitoring from anywhere around the globe, given you have an adequate signal for the modem.

  • We will be able to monitor any faults, pressure or production outputs, including the Electrical Conductivity of the potable water your unit is producing.
  • We will be able to adjust any computer settings allowing us to adjust any wastewater to freshwater balances, should they be required. 
  • Were the computer on the dosing pump to stop supplying the membrane protecting anti-scalent to the bore feed, the Genesis program, it would pull your machine up, preventing it from being able to operate without any protection via your anti-scalent.
  • Were the computer on the Variable Speed Drive to prevent power from being distributed to the large motor on the multistage pump (a safeguard against overheating). The Genesis program would pull your machine up, preventing it from being able to operate without your minerals being appropriately processed.
  • Should any faults arise while it is in operation, you will be able to view a list of the most likely optional choices, to rectify the issue. Included with this package is: a 10-inch colour touch screen monitor (tablet or IPad) and video card providing you with a library of instructional stills and videos, where you will be able to see the best manner to access the unit, and it's equipment. These visual information files will also be available to you on our website, via access through your portal access.

Please contact Brian Schulz on 0410579651 for any further information.