Nano Cube

nano cube compact water filtration

Nano Filtration  Prototype System

  • This unit is designed primarily for urban areas with sufficient power supplies.
  • Small enough for tight corridors, this system has been designed with the hospitality industry in mind, apartments, or even simply families that want the assurance that their water is completely safe to drink or shower in.
  • The water filtration system is confined within a small stainless steel cabinet, and presented with an attractive and durable powder coating.
  • The prime purpose for this system is to treat existing mains water, offering the customer, complete comfort and peace of mind, that any unwanted or harmful  contaminants possibly still present in the water, has definitely been removed.
  • Being plumbed inline to existing pipe work and house hold plumbing, all taps, toilets, garden taps or showers simply operate as normal.
  • Initially the mains water will pass through a 1micron cartridge filter, so as to catch any fine particles present in the supply.
  • The water will then pass through a large 20” carbon cannister which is filled with activated carbon, in place to remove any odour, taste, chlorine, sediment and organic compounds.
  • Your water will then pass through anywhere from 1- 3 x large nano filtration membranes which are in place to remove a variety of low total dissolved solids from any surface water and fresh ground water, reportedly even 99% of any presence of Cholera.
  • Lastly the water will pass through a Ultra Violet Lamp before leaving the unit, killing any bacterial or organic contamination such as any active coliforms (remnant from the presence of any untreated septic sewerage etc… ).

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