Desalination Units


Sea Treatment System AUSW7H1M

We now have a Sea Treatment system available for treating very excessive water quality up to 35,000 ppm.

As with all our other units, it has been designed to stand upright, minimizing floor space, however due to its requirement for an operating pressure of 6,000 kpa in pressure, it will require 3 phase power for the motor and pump needed.

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Model M3HP3M

Our manual unit has been designed to cater not only for customers with a budget in mind, but also specifically for customers who are generally around their properties most of the time, enabling them to keep a casual perusal over their desalination plant as it is operating.

The new manual unit is housed in a 304 stainless steel sheet framework that is powder coated, exactly the same as the fully automatic unit. Your production from the manual unit is no different to that of the automatic unit, given it has the same water quality passing through, and cleans your water just as thoroughly as the automatic. You are also able to increase your membrane capacity at a later stage, should you choose to do so.

With regards to your power supply, please note that it runs on 240 volt 15 amp power when operating the 3 hp motor. Or up to 240 volt 20 amp power supply, when utilising a 5 hp motor and pump when passing your water through anywhere up to 12 membranes.

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Model AU4HP12M

Our Model AU4HP12M is a fully automated computerised unit ideally suited for the customer who chooses to have the freedom to be away from their property and desal unit, either for work or for holidays.

Knowing that as long as they have an automated irrigation system to also back it up, they can rely on the two working together in unison. As with the Manual Unit, should you be treating water with a salinity of around 2,000 ppm, and the unit maxed out with up to 12 membranes, you have the ability to produce anywhere from 15,000 lpd (with 3 membranes), through to 75,000 litres per day, as long as their water quality is adequate.

It's computerized program will shut down you're your unit should any problems arise, display any problems once detected on the front display panel, as well as allow you to only have it run at specific times of the day. With any of our units, all our interior plumbing and fittings, all consist of 316 stainless steel.

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 desalination unit

Model AU5HP16M

This model has been designed to fill the production void for customers who are initially looking for a unit that will produce for them say 30,000 litres per day.

Then also allows them to upgrade their capacity of membranes upwards to 16, allowing them (given the correct water quality) to increase their daily output to 100,000 litres per day.

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Model AU10HP32

Model AU10HP32 is a single unit with 2 inner modules containing 2 x 5hp motors as well, with the ability to hold up to 32 membranes if required.

This unit is suitable for situations where the customer requires say from 140,000 litres to 200,000 litres per day, or he may have that higher level of salinity and simply requires that extra bit of power to process it.

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Model AU15HP48M

With this model, you are looking specifically at a custom designed unit. Up to 48 membranes, will deliver for the customer, (again given the appropriate water quality), anywhere up to 300,000 litres per day.

These units are self-regulating machines, where with their computers, are able to start and stop their own production under their own steam, simply by keeping an eye on their water storage tanks which they are supplying. Any problems should they occur, are displayed on the front panel, and its membranes are better protected because the unit receives a back flush each time it finishes a cycle of production.

This industrial designed desalination unit, will basically be made of one individual unit, but with inner modules (each containing upwards of 16 membranes).

Each of the modules within the unit, are programmed allowing either module to operate individually, or operate as one. Benefit of this of course, is that one or more modules can be stopped, while one of the modules can be serviced, as well as the benefit that at any one time, you have the minimal amount of pumps operating to achieve your daily production with minimal draw on power.

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