On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme

South Australian primary producers in drought affected areas can now apply for a new funding round of the On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme.

On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme - PIRSA

Assistance Fund
Interest free loans of up to $50,000 are available to eligible primary producers to assist in implementing systems and management practices that enhance the sustainability of their enterprise by funding;

  • Transport of livestock, transport of fodder and/or water
  • Water and Fodder infrastructure, and
  • Banking of genetic material of livestock.

Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme
Eligible Primary Producers can claim a rebate of 25% of the cost of purchase, delivery and if applicable, the labour cost to engage a person to install water infrastructure for animal welfare needs.

The On-Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate scheme can be applied to costs incurred from 1st July 2018 for new purchases, and installation of pipes, water storages and water pumps, de-silting dams, and associated power supplies such as generators.

The maximum that can be claimed is $25,000 per farm enterprise. The availability of rebates is subject to funds being available. No rebates will be offered beyond the allocated funding of $12 million.