Scuta Water


Nano Filtration  Prototype System

  • This unit is designed primarily for rural areas without sufficient or reliable power supplies for operating equipment.
  • Because the system is built over a strong and sturdy steel skid, it is easy for manoverability via a forklift or pallet trolley.
  • Being contained in a fully sealed stainless steel cabinet, it is both strong and sturdy against any damage, as well as vermin proof.
  • Designed for easy use, once the customer has placed his motor bike in the correct position with his drive wheel on top of the drive shaft, they simply press the start button.
  • Designed to supply safe potable water from 600ml to 1,000 litres.
  • From the start, the water is treated by a 1micron cartridge filter, to catch any fine particles present in the supply.
  • The water will then pass through 2 x large 20” carbon cannisters which are filled with activated carbon and are in place to remove any odour, chlorine, taste, sediment and organic compounds.
  • We then pass the water to be treated through 3 x large nano filtration membranes which are in place to remove a variety of low total dissolved solids from any surface water and fresh ground water, reportedly even 99% of any presence of Cholera.
  • Lastly the water will pass through a Ultra Violet Lamp before leaving the unit, killing any bacterial or organic contamination such as any active coliforms (remnant from the presence of any untreated septic sewerage etc… ).
  • We even have in place a built in drink station with a small pressure pump, for refilling any drink bottles etc..

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