Clearance Desal Units


1 x Standard Fully Automatic 16 Membrane Unit As new, zero hours of use.

This 16 x membrane fully automatic unit is valued at $52,360 exclusive of G.S.T (that’s manufactured, delivered and installed as well). However reduced to $47,360 plus the G, for a quick sale.

Pricing good for anywhere within 500 klm of Albury /Wodonga. Further distances may incur additional expenses.

Should the water test results be somewhere around the 3,000 ppm mark, for want of an example, 16 membranes will deliver for you roughly 80,000 litres per day over a 24 hour period. You would expect a 70% yield of recovery as well, along with a T.D.S reading around 60-140 ppm.

➢ Lower salinity levels will deliver greater productivity, and higher salinity and mineral content will deliver for you, somewhat less.

If you feel a desalination unit such as this from Saltfree Desalination Australia Pty Ltd would interest you, please contact Brian on 0410 579 651.